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Mike Corcoran Custom Saddles

Dressage Saddles for All Disciplines.   
A core principle in the development of our saddles is that all horses benefit from dressage training and a saddle that encourages them to use their body effectively. They are able to move better, be more attentive, and stay sound longer. Riders find that our saddles provide close contact and support proper form and balance. By combining the latest technology with decades of experience, we're able to provide you with the best saddle for your horse in your world. Whether you canter or lope, our saddles are designed to enhance horse and rider performance through optimal balance, fit and quality.

Mike Corcoran Custom Saddles


Designed and hand crafted in the USA with top quality materials for close contact, perfect balance, and optimal horse / rider performance. Our saddles are hand made and can be customized with your colors, exotic leathers, tooling, and unique designs that make the saddle your own.  Saddle Page

Mike Corcoran Custom Saddlese


Mike has created four models to match the unique needs of each horse and rder partnership. The leather is beautiful and soft, trees classically conststructed, and the flocking is high quality wool.  You can order stock or speak with us about custom options and on-site fittings. Saddle Page

Mike Corcoran Custom Saddlese

Tack & Accesories

Made to order, you can stand out at shows or on the trail with custom chaps and chinks, spur straps, headstalls, and more. We can create a saddle with matching tack, that will set you apart from the crowd. Want to ditch your boring helmet? Ask about our customized brims and bands.   Tack & More

Mike Corcoran Custom Saddlese

Saddle Fitting 

Mike travels extensively throughout the USA to do custom fittings and reflockings. You can schedule an local saddle fit clinic or a combination Western Dressage & saddle fit clinic. Contact us for more details on how to get your started. Fittings, Clinics and Lessons.

Mike Corcoran Custom Saddlesse

Lessons & Clinics

Want to get a start in western dressage, make the saddle switch from classical to western, refine your skills, or simply develop better communication with your horse? Mike teaches dressage based on polite contact, bending, and the effective use of your aids. Clinis & Lessons

Mike Corcoran Custom Saddlesse

Saddle Fit Reps Wanted

The key to a well-fit saddle is a knowledgable fitter. We strive to help solve horse / rider problems caused by ill-fitting saddles that at best impede horse / rider communication and at worst, break down the physical well being of both. We are looking for a select few people to represent our line. Contact Us


Mike Corcoran Custom Saddles

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